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designing standing experience, will need chaperone

zmanxzmanx Posts: 5
Hi guys, 
first time posting in the forums. I am in the pre-production & prototyping stages of a standing experience for the rift and it has an 'easter-egg hunting' aspect to it. These objects will eventually be dynamically spawned around the player. I want to encourage the user to take a few steps here and there rather than placing everything in their proximity.
Using the tracking volume as a guide is not enough because they might have furniture or walls and I don't want to add any kind of non-physical locomotion. 
I guess this is both a complaint and a legit question as to what my options are.. 
1) build my own Chaperone system and pre-game configuration wizard
2) change the concept of the game to avoid making 1

I feel like this is a recurring design problem that will come up again and again so, it makes sense that a third party solution could end up becoming the standard.. but idk if there is such a thing.

I know I can create it myself, but it just deters me away from prototyping and focusing my energy on making my game fun.
any thoughts?

also, sorry if I'm stating obvious things that have already been discussed.. just wanted to write it down in the way I'm thinking about the problem. I have not tried CV1 titles like dead & buried so I don't know how they handle edge cases like "reach for that gun that's on the other side of the wall"

p.s realized there was a game design section after posting this, that might've been a better spot for this


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