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App not playing by default

Hello Everyone,

I am developing an App for Gear VR using Unity Android build. After build I transfer the .apk file into my Samsung S7. On tapping it displays a message "Insert device into Gear VR to run app". I want my App to be played automatically as I insert my phone in Gear and not the Oculus play store. Is it even possible?

Please help me if you guys have any solution.



  • vrdavebvrdaveb Posts: 1,596 Oculus Staff

    Sorry but there is not a supported way to install apps such that they will automatically launch when you plugin the phone into the headset. The normal flow is to launch apps via Oculus Home or the 2D client.

    However, during development, you can use other methods to launch apps. Copy an APK built with your OSIG to your device so that you can enable developer mode. Change the intent filter in your manifest from android.intent.category.INFO->android.intent.category.LAUNCH so you can see it on the 2D app screen. Or use the vr service version of APK launcher, or launch it directly via adb.

  • vrdavebvrdaveb Posts: 1,596 Oculus Staff
    Note: you can also avoid having to insert the phone into the headset by enabling developer mode: https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/mobilesdk/latest/concepts/mobile-troublesh-device-run-app-outside/
  • eclipseinfotecheclipseinfotech Posts: 3
    Thanks @vrdaveb
    for the alternate options. :)
  • romanbogzaromanbogza Posts: 1
    edited July 2016
    Hi Oculus,

    Will it be possible to enable this feature? or can it be in the future?
    Our app is used for a commercial application  - When the user comes up he inserts the phone and ready to go. Its a bit tedious to select the app of interest every time. 

  • vrdavebvrdaveb Posts: 1,596 Oculus Staff
    We are looking at  dual-mode app support with Samsung, but unfortunately there are some challenges around core locking and TimeWarp support, so it probably won't appear soon. We will keep you posted.
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