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Test User / Developper User - payment settings

rivieregriviereg Posts: 16 Oculus Start Member

I have some troubles using a test user with IAP (Unity / Gear VR & Rift). I'm creating this specific thread on how to setup a (dummy) payement system for our test user or developers with IAP (and other): 

- I tried to create a test user, add it as a member of the project or add it as a developper of a project and I received an error from the platform framework -> Error 1 (probably because I don't have any payement method set for this user)
- I tried to add a real payement card to this test user and I get an error from the Oculus application (failed, try again later)
- I tried with a real user (developer user) and real payement setup: it's working and I have a real purchase on my developper user bank account for IAP

Is there any "fake credit card" settings that we can use with test users ? how can we make our developper user accounts not be charged (real charge) for IAP ?

The original thread (it's more an IAP specific thread) is here: https://forums.oculus.com/developer/discussion/36081/testing-iap 



  • johnbart_oculusjohnbart_oculus Posts: 89
    Hiro Protagonist
    Hi Gui,

    You should be able to add the following test card to any test account:

    4111 1177 1155 2927

    it will only work with test accounts.  You can use any information for the other required fields.


  • delphinius81delphinius81 Posts: 297
    Nexus 6
    And just to add here for posterity's sake in case other people come looking, there are three test credit card numbers in the platform documentation in case you want to test different conditions:

    Always succeeds: 4111 1177 1155 2927
    Fails at auth: 4111 1180 9636 6644
    Fails at sale: 4111 1193 1540 5122
  • rivieregriviereg Posts: 16 Oculus Start Member
    All is working well on my side, 

    Thank you for you help,

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