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Latest Oculus Runtime doesn't detect Windows 7 files: KB2670838 and KB3033929

Patmike25Patmike25 Posts: 4 Oculus Start Member

Im trying to install the latest Oculus Runtime Setup on Windows 7, 64bit, PC, but keep getting the message to install updates KB2670838 and KB3033929, which i have does so already.

"Oculus Setup requires the KB2670838 and KB3033929 Windows 7 hotfixes. Please install these updates and run Oculus Setup again."

Any help would be greatful, thanks.


  • thewhiteambitthewhiteambit Posts: 306
    Lol, they are still carrying on this bug? They made a special release of the 0.6beta installer once to fix this. But now this bug seems to back in, like half of the other bugs that were once fitted. Oculus really has to do some quality management to test such well known things before releasing...
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    We do test things extensively. This is a rare edge case, where the hotfixes are installed but the tool that checks the existence of the updates is in a bad state. In any case, there is a way to get past it.

    Open the command prompt (and navigate to the folder where the setup file exists) and run this:
    OculusSetup.exe /bypassHotfixCheck
    However, if the hotfixes *are* missing you will have lots of problems after that point.
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  • Recieved Rift on Friday, June 3rd. Had to run all Windows updates to reboot computer, On Saturday I needed to update NVIDIA software, I had to unintsall and reinstall, and update video drivers.  Then ran oculussetup.exe and ran into Oculus Setup requires the KB2670838 and KB3033929 Windows 7 hotfixes. Please install these updates and run Oculus Setup again."  Looked in control panel and both patches had been applied, tried to reinstall, but said it couldn't be because the were already there.  Sunday, found this posting on using /bypassHotfixCheck flag to get around KB2670838 and KB3033929 error.  Now downloading Oculus Software (796MB) and up and running.  Very impressive experience, after navigating a few bumps in the road.

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