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How do i play small demos/games outside of oculus home on my DK2

eirik75903eirik75903 Posts: 1
I use the runtime 1.3 on my oculus rift DK2 and i have unknown sources turned on, but i don't know how i use it. When i try to launch a vr game that isn't in the store on oculus home like for example "don't let go" it just launches normally on my pc screen, but in the oculus it still shows oculus home.
(i don't have an xbox controller, so i can't do anything in oculus home.)


  • KniveKnive Posts: 1
    I have the exact same issue. I am a developper though, I can launch my own application which is using Unity and it even works when I use the "play" button in the Unity Editor but I can't play any other game which was supposed to work before Oculus Home, like Alone in the rift.
    Besides, in Unity Editor it's not possible to modify the IPD for the stereo camera...
  • JiminskiJiminski Posts: 1
    yeh what to do?
  • oculusheadoculushead Posts: 5
    same question....
    sorry for asking here, but I am trying to get your attention , which version for the dk2 is most comfortable to work with now? I have downloaded the 8.0 again ( after the recent cv1)  however now it doesnt recognize my  had tracking ( although , if i down greade to 7.0  it does recognize it... yet many of the demos don't work) . have waisted a whole day on it . would apreaciate any help you have
  • InLabsInLabs Posts: 3
    same for me
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