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UDK - Best Rift experiences I have found

roculus99roculus99 Posts: 147
edited April 2013 in Unreal Development
I'll definitely be demoing the Rift for people using UDK, glad I waited. The better graphics add to immersion more than I thought. Some fun things to try:

Open and play VCTF-Necropolis in UDK Editor. Beautiful level with alien cathedral looking architecture. I prefer it with setallspeed 0.5. You can also drive the Scorpion and fly the Manta. I've never appreciated the artistry in the levels and vehicles before. Much better 'walking around' experience than the Tuscany Demos. May require a good graphics card.

Play LSMobile_Castle though the UDK Game or Editor. It will take your control away for a minute, but ride it out. Then setallspeed 5.0 and fly. It basically feels exactly like this 'Neo flying' scene from the The Matrix Reloaded:



  • drashdrash Posts: 2,849
    That level is amazing. Screw vacationing to Europe! jk!

    I'm a complete UDK noob so do you know exactly how to turn off the automatic cutscene fly-around bit once you walk a few steps? Same goes for the night/day foliage map one.
  • maboo12maboo12 Posts: 45
    Brain Burst
    are these maps integrated in the oculus sdk version? coz i dont have them :/
  • roculus99roculus99 Posts: 147
    They are in the Oculus UDK available on the download page.
  • Wow, the VCTF-Necropolis map is the most impressive demo I've seen so far. I had ~10 people go through my collection of demo files and everyone seemed to like this one for the amount of detail and scale...although 1 guys was most impressed by the window shutters in the Tuscany map....
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    Thanks for posting this. I tried it and it was actually pretty sweet.
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  • dpbsounddpbsound Posts: 8
    drash wrote:
    I'm a complete UDK noob so do you know exactly how to turn off the automatic cutscene fly-around bit once you walk a few steps? Same goes for the night/day foliage map one.

    Open the map in UDK. Click on the green "K" icon on the top toolbar. Pan around until you see something called "Level Loaded." It will be on the left side before you get to that crazy spiderweb of lines.

    Hold "alt" and left-click the line coming out of "Level Loaded." That line will disappear. This will disable the day/night cycle though as well as some other sounds and any scripted events. You can then right-click in the map and select "Play from here" to get into the level.

    I'm not sure if play-in-editor supports the Rift or not. Mine hasn't arrived yet. I would imagine it does.
  • tlopestlopes Posts: 163
    There's a place in the Mobile Castle level near the starting point (under the big portcullis) where I fell through the world. Unexpected glitches like this are super scary while using the Rift :P
  • JoewaJoewa Posts: 26
    Brain Burst
    Once I've got my dev kit I'll probably post an OR demo of my game here.

    Also, you guys should definitely go try FoliageMap and report back. Will need a reasonably beefy PC to keep 60fps though.
  • roculus99roculus99 Posts: 147
    For FoliageMap, you have to turn off dynamic shadows and avoid getting your viewpoint taken by a cut scene.

    I had a hard time getting 60 FPS everywhere, even with a GeForce 670. Still pretty neat though.
  • yubinhydinyubinhydin Posts: 130
    I can see a whole new world of Harry Potter and Hogwarts. resulting from being able to immerse yourself into the world.
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