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How to improve the resolution of images 360 in Unity?

jhan321798jhan321798 Posts: 9
Good day, I am new in the development of mobile applications for Oculus Rift in Unity, my biggest challenged been upscaled of spherical images, what I do is create a 3D sphere with soothing excellent and within it place the image 360 , then increase the image resolution to 4096 but unfortunately the image is still very low resolution, if anyone can help me thank you very much. Greetings from Colombia to all developers Virtal reality (VR Gerar).


  • ProfessorTroyProfessorTroy Posts: 80 Poster of the Week
    What is the original image resolution?
    You can only upscale so far before you start losing the fidelity of the image. Also, relative scaling and stretching issues can happen. 

    Next up, what do you have the image compressed to within the editor? You might be sizing it to 4096, but the max size in Unity might still be 1024x1024 (or something else). 

    Last up is the image set up properly to wrap 360 degrees. There could be distortion/quality loss because your wrapping it on the inside of the sphere. There might be something special you're suppose to do to make that right otherwise you'll notice problems at the top and bottom of the sphere where it squeezes and distorts to make it fit.
  • jhan321798jhan321798 Posts: 9
    Hi, thanks for the answer, and I managed to solve the image quality converting them to sprite texture.
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