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Tips for speeding up UDK games?

roculus99roculus99 Posts: 147
edited April 2013 in Unreal Development
I would like to demo the Rift with UDK on my work laptop, which has an Nvidia Quadro 3000M, but it is a bit under-powered for games (despite being a high end workstation laptop :( ).

Running UDKSystemSetting.ini ScreenPercentage=120.000000 runs at 60 FPS but looks crappy. Anything below 140 seems to really degrade the image quality.

Any other simple tweaks to get the FPS up? I've tried a bunch of lighting a shadow options but that haven't made much of a difference thus far.



  • JoewaJoewa Posts: 26
    Brain Burst
    In the same .ini you could try disabling AO, postprocessing, AA, etc, but there's probably nothing you can do to get something like FoliageMap running smoothly on there.
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