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[GearVR][Unity] Is that possible to switch off VR mode while playing the game?

I'm now developing a game which using GearVR, but here comes the question, after the gameplay, player need to input there name and some details for showing on the leader board, I have tried using "VRSettings.enabled = false;" then screen turn black and app is quit after removing the mobile from the Gear. May I ask is that anyway to achieve this goal?

Thanks for advance.


  • CorvusVRCorvusVR Posts: 53
    Hiro Protagonist
    You cannot switch out of VR on the Gear VR.  Use a VR keyboard instead.
  • kaleong912kaleong912 Posts: 2
    Ok got it. Thanks for reply
  • ArthurFoxArthurFox Posts: 7
    Hi there, is support for switching in and out of VR mode in the roadmap at all?
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