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Need to submit a Gear VR app and an Oculus Rift app with the same name. Possible?

viewportviewport Posts: 82
Hiro Protagonist
We're deploying a build across CV1 and the Gear: same piece of software, same functionality, same experience - the only difference is the CV1 version has higher quality assets.

The dashboard will not let us create a new entry with the same name. But both apps need to be called the same.

How do we do this?


  • viewportviewport Posts: 82
    Hiro Protagonist
    Went through some previous submissions. Looks like we can change the name of the app from within the submission itself, which doesn't affect the name visible on the dashboard. But things may have changed... new question: is this how it still works?
  • viewportviewport Posts: 82
    Hiro Protagonist
    Answer is yes. Create a new dashboard entry with a different name to your existing entry that you want to have the same name as (As dashboard won't let you crate a new entry with a duplicate name). Then once it is created go into about in the submission settings and change the apps name so its an exact copy of your other build. Then when you go back into dashboard you now have a rift version and a gearvr version with the exact same name.
  • metametametameta Posts: 16
    Has this changed? I don't see a place to change the name of an app in the dashboard. About section has website, TOS, privacy policy, email, publisher
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