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[SOLVED] Swipe reverse

tomazvovktomazvovk Posts: 61
Hiro Protagonist
edited March 2017 in Unity Development
Hello, does anyone have an idea on how to change the ScrollRect's direction when swiping/dragging GearVR's touchpad? I'd like to move scroller's content up when swiping down and vice versa. The only solution I found that should work is to change ScrollRect's scrollSensitivity to negative value. But it doesn't work. I even tried to invert axes in Input Manager (Vertical, Mouse Y, Oculus_GearVR_DpadY).


  • tomazvovktomazvovk Posts: 61
    Hiro Protagonist
    Okay I solved this by adding an option to Invert Swipe Y Axis in OVR Input Module and added the following code to the SwipeAdjustedPosition(...) function:
       delta.y *= -1;
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