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DK2 not being recognised

I purchased a DK2 a while back, when they first became available. Due to other commitments I never got a chance to get started with it. Anyway, I'm now looking to start on a project. I can't seem to get either of the systems I've tried it on to recognise the DK2 though. Both systems pass the compatibility test okay. On both of them I get to the "Connect your rift headset" step in the wizard, and the Sensor USB is recognised okay, but Headset HDMI and Headset USB are both stuck spinning the searching circle. The headset is powered up and displaying the "continue setup on PC" message. On both systems the DK2 is plugged into an HDMI port on a GTX970, and USB 3 ports. Both systems are windows 10, 64 bit, fully patched (including the anniversary update). In device manage I have a "Rift DK2 Sensor" under "Oculus VR Devices". Under Other devices I have two unknown devices. It looks like a driver issue, but apart from the main oculus setup I can't see any individual driver downloads. Any suggestions?


  • LastBlowLastBlow Posts: 15
    edited December 2016
    I am in the same situation... Wondering if the DK2 still works with the latest Oculus PC SDK 1.10.1? And if not, which version(s) does it work with? Bottom line, Oculus, please, you got to support the DK2 - just as we supported you by purchasing it back then for $350 when there was very little content! Looking forward to hear from you soon. ;-)

  • joofightersjoofighters Posts: 18
    I'm having the EXACT problem. Camera is OK but HDMI (on 1060 SSC) and Oculus USB isn't being recognized.
  • arumiatarumiat Posts: 1
    Same here
  • BlizadoBlizado Posts: 28
    Brain Burst
    Same at me too, but you can ignore it, skip the setup at this point and it will run fine with the Oculus App and SteamVR (when you activate 3rd party VR Apps in the Oculus Settings).
  • LeviBlueLeviBlue Posts: 2
    Same and I just got the oculus touch controllers, before today I could just skip the rest of the setup and play MOST things just fine....now I can't skip since I must continue to figure out how to sync the touch controllers. . .or simply turn them on >.> lol oh well more research, hopefully an oculus support agent will give us some further hope and link some steps for us!
  • ENiKSENiKS Posts: 86 Oculus Start Member
    You CANT use Touch controllers with DK2.
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