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Using of the Oculus PC SDK with a commercial product?

I have some problem about the terms of Oculus PC SDK license.

What is the "Oculus Approved Products" means?

Does it means a commercial software product need to submit to Oculus by some procedure to become a "Oculus Approved Products" which use Oculus PC SDK?

What's the procedure it is?

1.1 This license grants you the non-exclusive license and right to use (i) the Oculus SDK to make engines, tools, applications, content, games and demos (collectively and generally referred to as "Developer Content") for use on the Oculus approved hardware and software products ("Oculus Approved Products") and which may incorporate the Oculus SDK in whole or in part in binary or object code; and (ii) the headers, libraries, APIs and other tools made available by Oculus to enable the use of Platform Services with your Developer Content.
1.3 You agree that as a condition of this License you will design and distribute your Developer Content to ensure that your Developer Content and any software required to use your Developer Content does not, and you will not, alter or interfere with the normal operation, behavior or functionality of the Oculus hardware or software or Oculus Approved Products, including: (i) the behavior of the "Oculus button" and "XBox button" implemented by the Oculus system software; (ii) any on-screen messages or information; (iii) the behavior of the proximity sensor in the Oculus hardware implemented by the Oculus system software; (iv) Oculus hardware or software security features; (v) end user's settings; or (vi) the Oculus Flash Screen Warnings. You also agree not to commit any act intended to interfere with the normal operation of the Oculus hardware or software or Oculus Approved Products, or provide software to Oculus users or developers that would induce breach of any Oculus agreements or that contains malware, viruses, hacks, bots, Trojan horses, or other malicious code.
2.1 You may sublicense and redistribute the source, binary, or object code of the Oculus SDK in whole for no charge or as part of a for-charge piece of Developer Content; provided, however, you may only license, sublicense or redistribute the source, binary or object code of the Oculus SDK in its entirety. The Oculus SDK (including, but not limited to LibOVR and VRLib), and any Developer Content that includes any portion of the Oculus SDK, may only be used with Oculus Approved Products and may not be used, licensed, or sublicensed to interface with software or hardware or other commercial headsets, mobile tablets or phones that are not authorized and approved by Oculus;
3.3. Internal Use. You agree that Oculus may grant its employees and internal contractors the right to use, perform and display the Developer Content you provide to Oculus for testing, evaluation and approval purposes, which shall be on a royalty-free basis.


  • JesteroftheskyJesterofthesky Posts: 20
    Brain Burst
    I believe "Oculus Approved Products" in this context just means the Oculus headsets, peripherals and standard software. So you are agreeing to use the SDK that allows you to use their products, while not interfering with or breaking them (say, making an application that deliberately crashes the oculus store).

    2.1 is saying that you can sell software that uses the SDK in its operations, but you aren't allowed to break it apart and only use little bits of it (say, the code for the tracking), and that you can only use it for making products that work on the Oculus (which is the point of the SDK... to make things that work on the oculus). You aren't allowed to strip out sections of the SDK to make software to run on an in-house custom VR headset you're trying to make or something. You can't adapt the Oculus SDK to make vive software.

    3.3 is saying that if you submit something to the Oculus store (which means you have to be using their SDK), they are allowed to test and and display your content without charge, for the sake of approval. So they don't have to pay you in order to test software you are trying to submit to the oculus store.

    But no, your software or whatever you're using the SDK is not and will not be an "Oculus Approved Product". That term refers to their products. If you want to publish to Oculus Home however, you will have to pass their publishing criteria
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