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Group VOIP/Avatars not working

AdbC99AdbC99 Posts: 6 Oculus Start Member

I am trying to do a 3 way voip + p2p call using the Platform SDK. I can do a 2 way call fine, but when I create a connection pool with 2 connections and have multiple instances of the VOIP manager or the p2p manager alive then the connection received callbacks do not seem to get triggered:


But the status change callbacks that are set at the same time do get triggered:


The same happens with the p2p manager (but different callbacks). If I remove all the other managers by having a connection pool of size 1 then I get back to being able to receive the connection. I can't find any way to debug this, are there any flags to get extra logging from the SDK?

I was told that this was the way to do group communication with Oculus social, is there a better way? It feels like this is a bug with the SDK, can anyone confirm?

Best Wishes,


  • charles.beyercharles.beyer Posts: 33 Oculus Staff
    AdbC99, I'm not sure what you mean when you refer to VOIP manager or P2P manager.  Is that something from one of the samples?  In my experience, when something is referred to as a manager its intended to function as a singleton.  I'm not sure if we've released an n-way Unity VOIP sample, but the VrHoops sample in the SDK demonstrates 3-way P2P connections.
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