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General Questions (new developer)

I just got asked to order Oculus for a Unity project.
It will be for Computer and cellphone (mainly pc) with the occulus hand controller (not gamepad).
I dont know much about Oculus other then what I read on the page and on wikipedia in the last 10 min.

My questions are:
What do I need in order to start developing and showcasing.
  • Do I need Both a developer kit and a "normalkit" for pc?
  • Do I need to buy a Developer kit for mobile as well, part from the Developer kit for Oculus?
  • The handcontroller is compatible for both ?

If you have any other useful information you feel Ive missed, feel free to add that.

Thank you!


  • InnerExodusInnerExodus Posts: 108

    Welcome to the Oculus Forums.

    I'll address these in the order that you have asked:

    1) It is not necessary to have separate hardware for development purposes.

    2) While the same holds true for Gear, you will need at least a consumer Gear unit aside from your Rift for development on each platform.

    3) GearVR has it's own controller, as the Touch controllers offer default functionality to Rift only.
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