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New versions of PC SDK link against static runtime library

For newer versions of LibOVR.lib (1.13.0) there is only a version that links against runtime library statically (/MT, MT_StaticRelease).
As far as I know this is very very uncommon for publicly available libraries.
This would require me to reconfigure all my dependecies (boost, Qt, whatsoever, ...) and statically link everything (please correct me if I'm wrong). In the case of Qt, my resulting binary would even be against the license.

I'd need a version which I can use together with dlls configured with /MD in my project.

Thanks in advance for your help


  • galopingalopin Posts: 355
    Nexus 6
    This was a stupid idea they had a while ago ( turning exception off too ), instead of providing each runtime library flavour. The project for LibOvr is full source so you can fix it yourself. It is what i do at every update...
  • galopingalopin Posts: 355
    Nexus 6

    This is expected behavior according to the engineers in charge of this code.

    For context:

    "Developers are expected to build LibOVR for themselves in whatever way they want. We provide a project for it which they can modify. If we were to supply every possible library then there would be dozens of them."
    It is true that as the library is sourced, you can adapt to the most fancy needs, but if you look at the middle ware industry, overall, the consensus is to provide the 4 flavors of runtime library. 

    But the most annoying issue here is that you change the default behavior between too update, if you were to adjust the settings, for back compatibility, you should have create a separate configuration in the first place.
  • YbalridYbalrid Posts: 248
    I also find this mildly annoying, but totally understandable. I used to just drop in the new folder into my game engine depencencies directory, but since that change, I have to go in, open visual studio, change MT to MD and rebuild LibOVR.

    On a side note, as far as I can remember, at some point, only 64bit is now supported by the Oculus SDK. If it's the case, could you remove the x86 options in your visual studio project files ?
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