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MichaelSchenckMichaelSchenck Posts: 43
edited April 2014 in VR Jam 2015
Finally getting around to posting my entry in the forums! Hope everyone enjoyed the first ever VR Jam - definitely a historic moment!

LOST LOOT: A casual exploration game designed for VR and the Oculus Rift. It combines relaxing gameplay with an interesting environment and a touch of adventure.

Dive for lost treasure! Search submerged ruins and ancient shipwrecks for gold, jewels, and artifacts. Watch your air supply and be careful how deep you go. The sharks are not your friends so be on your guard!

- Explore a beautiful tropical island surrounded by a vast underwater landscape
- Swim and dive among the many reefs and enjoy the interesting landscape and variety of sea life
- Search ancient underwater ruins both in the shallows and out in deeper waters for treasure and artifacts
- Find all the hidden shipwreck sites and plunder their hoards, but watch out as some are guarded by sharks
- Build your wealth and fame with each discovery or lose it when disaster strikes
- Upgrade your equipment for diving, allowing you to swim faster, stay down longer, and fight off those pesky sharks
- Visit the island again, and again, because ruins, shipwrecks, and treasure are randomly altered each time you visit

A rather lengthy gameplay video, but as a reward you get to find out one of the locations where the Amulet Of Flying can appear at the end!

There is only a windows version currently and an XBOX 360 controller is the preferred way to play (you can play with keyboard and mouse if you don't have one). It requires a high end video card and minimum 1GB free ram. The manual is included in the .zip download for all the instructions.

There are plenty of screenshots on my blog postings at http://www.pixelatedramblings.com/. You can also download it from there (click the lost loot image in the sidebar or use the link under the projects tab).

I hope everyone enjoys it. Please leave feedback on what you liked and didn't like and if you had any issues trying to run it.


  • abetterbardabetterbard Posts: 37
    This looks like it would be very enjoyable to play! Getting a major elder scrolls vibe from it.

    I look forward to trying it!
  • moujamouja Posts: 126
    Hiro Protagonist
    Very very nice release. because I didn't read your post and the instructions before, at first, I was very frustated of not being able to swim with turtles and other sea mammals. But good surprise, the players gets different upgrade gradually later. that sort of rewards is quite motivating. these upgrades are even saved. second problem, I was so much upset because of repetive important yaw drifts. that occured because I never stopped to make the mistake of pressing B button.
    For conclude, you made something very relaxing and contemplative, I was waiting for something like this after playing Ocean Rift.
  • EMcNeillEMcNeill Posts: 158
    Looks very pretty and polished!
  • drashdrash Posts: 2,849
    Beautiful game. It feels so centered around exploration and giving the player something to look forward to. I'm still figuring out all the mechanics and eventually had to go do something else after playing for 30 minutes, so I was relieved when I saw that mouja mentioned it saves your progress/upgrades. Awesome!

    Very relaxing to play, and I find myself admiring some of the ruins and fish up close. Thanks for making this MichaelSchenck! Do you plan any more updates to it?
  • AnanasAnanas Posts: 181
    Nice, a well polished game with lots of content. The island is beautiful and it was nice to be able to see a tower ruins at a distance, walk there and the look for shipwreks. Low resolution bothers a little because everything is far away.
  • Thanks for trying out the game and the positive comments.

    I was indeed inspired by Ocean Rift, which is a great demo. I wanted to provide an entry that was a more relaxed way to experience height/distance and scale of structures. Swimming and diving in an ocean environment is a great tool for this - especially the natural terrain with ravines/drop offs and tall underwater ruins. It is also supposed to be a generally causal relaxing game, but the music helps to add tension and compliment the "endless" underwater environment that can be explored. Turning on the biting sharks and megalodons and going to deeper shipwrecks/ruins that require the head lamp is of course the more adventurous part!

    I had wanted to do a number of additional underwater effects for the jam but just didn't have time. I would have liked to have gotten particle effects in there as well as god rays and some random light sources to give the appearance of light coming down. The ocean surface is also supposed to become much more choppy in deeper areas. There is also much more to do on the sea life system - vertical movement, schools, ground dwellers etc.

    I really should have some in game reminder about resetting your view once you get the Rift on - B on the controller or C on the keyboard. It also seems to be problem after you spawn when dying - I don't think this is an Oculus problem but just didn't have the time to sort it out.

    And yes, your score and equipment are saved between sessions until you hit reset at the title scene. Everything else is reset/randomized, so you can just hit Start on the controller or Enter on the keyboard and go back to the same area you previously cleared if you want. You can play and quit at anytime. This is all about it being causal and relaxing, and there is some variability since things are randomized a bit.

    As far as low resolution - this is definitely an issue with distance/vistas and the current Rift dev kit. I really wish I could see how well that improves with the HD Rift. If you have a powerful enough system try running at 1920x1200 as this helps a great deal with that issue. Things are still blurry but you get a much nicer experience visually - it just becomes an issue with frame-rate and susceptibility to motion sickness from it. I am always testing at that resolution since the commercial version will likely be somewhere close to that.

    I will likely work on it some more after the jam if there is enough interest in the overall concept. There is a lot that can be done to make it less boring/repetitive. I also feel there should be more casual relaxing games for the Rift in general.
  • GanjaroachGanjaroach Posts: 449
    Hiro Protagonist
    edited September 2013

    Really good demo with tons of content and lots of different things to look at and do. I really like that it saves your progress so you don't have to start all over. I loved all the fish and other aquatic wild life would be cool if their was wild life on the islands as well but its really not needed. This is one of the top vr jam entries I have tested so far thanks for sharing and I hope to see more updates and maybe even other games in the future. :)
  • Enjoyed this but didn't get a chance to play for long.

    One thing I noticed is that when my head or eyeline was out of the water the world still looked underwater. It may be my settings? But basically I think that level of changeover from underwater to above could be adjusted?

    It could be my settings though :)

    Really enjoyed it and will play it more later
  • virrorvirror Posts: 402
    Hiro Protagonist
    This looks like an amazing game, i have really wished for a pure adventure/exploration game on the Rift, on top part of my list when i get the Rift on Tuesday!
    Really hope you continue working on this : )
  • GanjaroachGanjaroach Posts: 449
    Hiro Protagonist
    Axeboy wrote:
    One thing I noticed is that when my head or eyeline was out of the water the world still looked underwater. It may be my settings? But basically I think that level of changeover from underwater to above could be adjusted?

    In his PDF he says its a bug that was to complex to fix before the VR Jam deadline.
  • Cool, appreciate the info.

    Its pretty minor anyway :D
  • Thanks for the nice review!

    The water plane issue is definitely a problem. It is a bit complicated because the unity water plane is not static it moves up and down to simulate waves. I have not had time to research how to access this position correctly via scripts. The switch between the two also shouldn't shift back and forth. Ideally the player should go into a mode on the surface that has the player shifting up and down with the wave motion. There should be a clean shift from underwater to this mode. There is also the issue of the camera near clip being close enough so you are not clipping the water surface and the body not being too far out of the water so it doesn't look like it is flying. This is compounded by the issue of making a really close near clip and zbuffer problems. Anyway it will take some time and investigation to get it right.

    On another note, most of the assets in the game came from the unity asset store. I wish I had a team of artists to help me but don't. I am always on the lookout for a great artist to team up with! :) You can find out all about the development and the major packages I used on my blog.

    Very happy people like it - may just inspire me to finish the missing effects and features I mentioned in the manual.
  • This is pretty fucking sweet. Swam around a bit and looked at some of the sea critters, collected some of the loot and found several ruins and shipwrecks.
    Then I pressed "Enter" by mistake trying to figure out if there is some sort of map and it restarted. (I'm presuming it's the one in the hut after skipping through the video?) Is there any final goal to the game or is it just exploration?

    The only things I noticed so far is that the audio queues seem rather random, for instance I was standing around relaxing on the island with nothing bad around at all and suddenly dramatic music starts playing and the drumming intensifies, also there seems to be a certain "choppiness" to some movements making them feel unnatural. :D
  • Yes the Start on the controller or Enter on the keyboard lets you parachute in again and resets/randomizes everything. You of course keep your score and equipment. This is a feature I guess, so you can have fun parachuting! ;)

    If you find the Amulet of Flying you can just use the X button or key anytime on dry land and fly around the island like Neo in the Matrix. It also makes finding stuff easier. Hopefully people have found it. The amulet appears in one of 6 different places randomly each time you restart (parachute in). I think if I make another updated version I will always place it in the deep ruins site where the Megalodon's roam. This is the hardest place to get to and you need to have most of the upgrades to reach it.

    The map is only in the hut - if you find ruins or shipwrecks from scrolls, maps, or books you can look at them on the map and press the trigger or left mouse button to use the boat and transport there instantly. When you are done with the area you can go next to the boat and press it again to go back to the hut.

    Not sure what is up with the music. The music queues when you discover something it also will fade this out and back in if you leave the area and approach again before it finishes. Also there are some smaller ruins on land that trigger this.

    I also feel like the movement on land is not correct. The transition from walk to run is sluggish and this makes it feel strange. The effect is also worse if using the keyboard vs a controller. This is an area i need to work on.

    Thanks for trying it out and leaving some feedback.
  • drashdrash Posts: 2,849
    Great to see this is still under development! Just saw your blog update from last month. :)
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