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Touch trigger has no response

We use Unity 3D to develop, and we have found oculus touch will be identified as Xbox controller, which causes it to fail to respond to its own events. For example, when we only connect touch without XBOX controller, touch trigger has no response. Is there a solution to this problem?

When touch and Xbox controller are connected to the computer at the same time, all of the touch buttons work properly.

Unity v5.5.0f3, Oculus Utilities v1.13.0, OVRPlugin v1.10.0, SDK v1.16.0.


OVRManager:Awake() (at Assets/OVR/Scripts/OVRManager.cs:535)

Operating system is Windows 10


  • pomfishpomfish Posts: 10

    To help us narrow this issue down, can you answer these questions:

    1) Are you using any controller emulators on your system?

    2) If you were to use another machine, does this issue persist?

    3) Does the behavior remain when Unity is closed?


    We did not use any controller emulators. We test on another computer(Windows 10), and that's the same problem. This problem will also occur after the Unity is closed. 
    Then we found that Avatar test didn't have this problem. With our APP ID authentication, this problem occurs.
  • pomfishpomfish Posts: 10
    We have found a solution. It's a setup error about the store page. Thank you for your reply.
  • talothmantalothman Posts: 4
    What was the setup error? Facing similar issues but haven't been successful in figuring it out.
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