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Is it a good idea to Develop your own XBOXController based games if you lose at everything?

nerdVRBuddynerdVRBuddy Posts: 77
Hiro Protagonist
I pretty much lose at all games that's why i wished someday they would make something of a VR The Sims. Doesn't look like it's happening so i have to make my own and i've got bought plenty of unity assets to do so. I'll just probably make it kind of a do whatever you want game just enjoying the view and environment. I prefer using the xboxcontroller rather than touch. touch feels like it's gonna fall out of my hands. For the record I lose badly at Robo Recall and it's too bad it doesn't have modes like: EASY, MEDIUM, HARD.



  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    I'll move this to the dev section. To answer your question, yes, you can develop your own games. The Sims is probably pretty complex to make if you haven't developed before, but if you break it down into small pieces, or a limited version of the game (i.e. one level, one house, only a few characters. etc.), it could be possible. 
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  • nerdVRBuddynerdVRBuddy Posts: 77
    Hiro Protagonist
    Yeah thanks. I don't have the skills many gamers have that's why ROboRecall, SuperHOT etc are extremely hard for me. I'll make my Sims like game in a limited version
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