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Spatializer VST does not load in Reaper

chris_bobchris_bob Posts: 7
edited September 2017 in Audio SDK Development
When attempting to scan for the OculusSpatializer.dll file, Reaper (Reaper v5.40, 64bit) reports back the following error: 

"Cannot load Win7 shader compiler"

By clicking "OK" the Oculus App opens, and then Reaper crashes.

The plugin is located on my D drive at D :\VST 64 and I'm running Windows 10. Anyone know what's going on? The Wwise installed easily enough, and Reaper appears to be supported based on Oculus documentation so I'm not sure why this one is failing.


  • petergiokarispetergiokaris Posts: 170 Oculus Staff
    Hi there chris_bob, and apologies for the late response.

    Imperativity is correct, the shader compiler that is used by the HMD visuals is version 4.3, which apparently is not available in the latest Win10 versions (perhaps it never was, but I haven't seen this issue until only recently). Version 4.7 of the compiler is however present, so I have modified the VST to fallback on 4.3 should 4.7 not exist. This will allow compatibility for older Windows 7 systems.

    We will ship this fix when we release 1.19 this month. In the meantime, follow Imperativity's suggestion: you can either unplug the Rift if you do not need the HMD functionality, or you can download and install the latest directx run-time from Microsoft which will add V.43 of the compiler to your system.
    Peter Giokaris
    Senior Software Engineer
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