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Avatar and Touch Controllers not appearing in editor or build

Hi all, I have searched thoroughly for insight into this topic but to no avail.

Can't see hand meshes or touch controllers in Unity editor nor .exe build.

Attempted Fixes
- I've included the shaders from OVRAvatar>Content>Materials in "always included" within Unity's graphics settings.  I also adjusted their #included paths and placed them in my own project's Resources file. 
- Double-checked that OVR SDK was up to date.
- Both OVR Camera Rig and OVR Avatar prefabs are in the scene.
- Oculus detects Touch Controllers when in play mode insofar as they impact the edge of my play space (blue grid is distorted and a "hole" appears when I put my hand through it).

Unity 5.6.0f3
Oculus Utilities v1.15.0
OVRPlugin v1.14.1
SDK v1.17.0.
No error messages of any kind



  • PatrickReynoldsBOKAPPatrickReynoldsBOKAP Posts: 5
    edited December 2017
    I am having the same problem, and have taken the same steps to resolve.  I am willing to provide a copy of my project if necessary.

    - sorry, I just saw how old this post was.  It was on the front page, so I thought it was recent.  My bad.
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