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Is there anyway to avoid being published as Gallery App?



  • SergioGardellaSergioGardella Posts: 16 Oculus Start Member
    I have gone through the documentation and have not found anything related to Galery Apps. This looks like the correct place to be stated, althought it says "to be eligible for publication" which I understand as you may be totally rejected:

    Design Considerations

    Oculus has learned a lot about the baseline elements that VR apps must incorporate and achieve to be ready for consumers. To that end, there is a set of minimal technical and content standards you must design into your app to be eligible for publication in the Oculus Store. These standards help us ensure a great user experience for Gear VR and Oculus Rift owners.

    Extracted from: https://developer.oculus.com/distribute/latest/concepts/publish-app-review/

  • pekayattpekayatt Posts: 133 Oculus Start Member
    Last time I inquired the store team they told me that they do not care about badgets anymore. So if you want you can do one yourselft when updating it.
    Really? I was refused them yesterday.
    Ok, I might be wrong and this only apply for the Motion Controller Support Badge, but this was the answer:

    I checked in with our team. It seems that the controller badge is something that we don't do anymore, so that part of the document is a little outdated - sorry for the confusion.

    But, in fact I haven't asked about new content badge.
  • southpacsouthpac Posts: 19
    Thanks everybody!
    Can you guys briefly explain to me what are the new content badges and how to get them? 
  • VR.ShacklerVR.Shackler Posts: 60 Oculus Start Member
    edited December 2017
    Third day into a 1 week sales period and I'm still waiting for new assets I had prepared to go live.
    Granted, they did contact me on Wed to say my hero image didn't have enough bleed area so I fixed it immediately, submitted and contacted them, then contacted them again yesterday. Still waiting!
    I also submitted a 30% discount but they changed it to 50%. Won't be promoting until assets go live.

    Edit: A kind lady called Maria got them live for me :)
  • SergioGardellaSergioGardella Posts: 16 Oculus Start Member
    I also got an answer from Maria. I am waiting for being published after passing the review test and got no answer, throught this forum, email or anyhow when suddenly yesterday Maria contacted per mail. 2 points for María ;)
  • VR.ShacklerVR.Shackler Posts: 60 Oculus Start Member
    Weekend sales: Steam 30% discount - 44 sold. Oculus 50% discount - 1 sold. The difference? DISCOVERABILITY!
    Now evaluating if it is worthwhile to be on this store what with the added time of making an exclusive build every time I push an update.
  • pekayattpekayatt Posts: 133 Oculus Start Member
    Looks like this Maria was a a sight for sore eyes, hope more people get noticed.

    One think that I never understood is how a game like Overtake ( a drive car game) that is in the Top Selling list is considered a Gallery App. It looks like they were even invited to some bundles for promotions. I would love if someone explain that for me. Could it be that not event to be in the Top Selling will drive downloads enough for you game to be in the main store?

    Or it is just a matter that they don't put that much weight on downloads?

    Just had a breakthrough in our game, when finishing the port for Oculus Rift. But, I am not sure if this new shader will work on Gear, maybe if I go to OpenGL 3.1, but they say it is not supported yet :/. Will keep you guys updated ;) 
  • SergioGardellaSergioGardella Posts: 16 Oculus Start Member
    Hi @pekayatt any news? Our game was also listed in the Gallery Apps. Once they said it was because of gameplay issues (which I assume it is something like they do not have even taken the time to analyze the game), the next time the mail was something more close to if this is the normal procedure and then they track your performance which is ridiculous. First of all this is not stated in the documentation and then it is extremely hard to get any user attraction being listed in a category that every user understands as underrated games. Why would anyone pay a game that Oculus states as "A broad, less-filtered collection from VR creators."? By the way this is not true, we have passed all the test but discriminated to the Gallery Apps category. 
  • SergioGardellaSergioGardella Posts: 16 Oculus Start Member
    Hi, anyone got an app out of the Gallery App section? Our game is currently under the Top Selling category. Please Oculus, come back with something, because on one side it is not stated on your documentation and on the other you have not provided any solution/feedback on this.
  • SergioGardellaSergioGardella Posts: 16 Oculus Start Member
    Ok, let's try with the magic word: PLEASE
  • pekayattpekayatt Posts: 133 Oculus Start Member
    Hey @SergioGardella , how are you doing?

    Sorry the late reply, we have been busing at VRMonkey finishing some games and updates.

    It was state some posts ago that one of the guys that one of them got the "promotion" from Gallery to full store, and it was a "Maria" that has done that.

    Recently I put the game Apocalypse Rider in promotion, and we got 20k downloads in just a week, our ratings are around 4.5 (last time I checked) and we still as gallery app. We are working on an update that maybe will improve the game enough for Oculus to fully launch it as "real" game. But still, things are not doing so well as we expected.

    BTW, do not try to use positions in Top Selling as a point for leaving the Gallery App, as in fact there are several games for a long time in the Top Selling and they have not been promoted (as Overtake).

    Only hint that I could give you would be, try your best to do the most original and polished game, use most of the last hardware available from Oculus and pray.

    Most of time it looks like you should not invest in a game that has been flagged as Gallery app. Just forget about it and go for the next. But I do know that it is not an easy thing to do.
  • SergioGardellaSergioGardella Posts: 16 Oculus Start Member
    Hi @pekayatt
    Thanks for your reply. So, what makes me go crazy is the lack of interest of providing any clue from Oculus side and that this is never mentioned in the documentation.
    We have been updating our game a lot. With voice overs from singers and actors and spend a lot of time, effort and specially money to suddenly stay in this category for as long as no one can tell you. It is degradating and unprofessional.

    Well, now we are already in promotion, but just sitting and waiting for someone to list it in the CORRECT category is just not the way to go, for me.

    Thanks anyway for your answer. I will keep on posting our progression, in case it gets somewhere.
  • pekayattpekayatt Posts: 133 Oculus Start Member
    Hey guys, some hints!

    I got some feedback from the Content Review from the Daydream team and they gave me nice insight about what could made Apocalypse Rider a Gallery app (they give a review before featuring the App on DayDream).

    In our game we had a, at least we tought, great idea: lets leave the player to understand the game by himself, no tutorials, no popups, nothing, just lets throw the player on the game and see if he can figure it out (without any punishment) that just tilt the head makes the bike to make a curve. We even got a very nice feedback from that from an article that was praising this (https://skarredghost.com/2017/12/12/apocalypse-rider-review-simple-entertaining-racing-game/), but it looks like Daydream content review and probably Oculus, do not like things "out of box".

    I say this because I was trying one of the last Oculus Studio experiences "Fail Factory", and I needed to push continue 20 times in popups dialogs and tutorials entries to start playing the "casual" game. In fact I believe I spend more time readings intro texts than actually playing the "free to try" game.

    So, heads up guys, you should do a very basic (like for mobile/facebook farmville's like games) tutorial so you game can be called "worth" ;).
  • firagabirdfiragabird Posts: 168
    pekayatt said:
    heads up guys, you should do a very basic (like for mobile/facebook farmville's like games) tutorial so you game can be called "worth" ;).
    Great point! As far as basic tutorials go, the single-panel per level text in @Norman3D's Daedalus was apparently enough for the content review board to elevate the game to non-Gallery status. I mention it because it should be very simple to integrate into existing games that, like Apocalypse Rider, wasn't designed with tutorials in mind. Although there are definitely more seamless ways to do tutorials (Portal is 90% tutorial and no one noticed!), the goal is to get existing games to pass the review store's (often vague) guidelines with the minimum effort required.

    Of course, now that we know tutorials are vital to escape the Gallery Section, all future apps & games should consider tutorials from the start. Here's the classic Extra Credits video on how to make a great tutorial:

    S7 Exynos Nougat. 2017 Gear VR. Public test channel.
  • pekayattpekayatt Posts: 133 Oculus Start Member

    Yeah! Thansk for the awesome hints! Love Extra Credits, he has great analysis.

    I am a fan of "no intrusive tutorials", like in Portal, but it looks to me that the content review wants a more clear tutorial. I can be wrong, but I am not sure if people who review the game rly understand a lot about games, since they must review apps and other contents.
  • pekayattpekayatt Posts: 133 Oculus Start Member

    We’re always working to help developers find distribution and connect more people with new apps they’ll love. Later today, we’ll be implementing an updated storefront, with one section removed: Gallery.

    All apps that previously appeared in the Gallery will be automatically moved to the category that was selected during submission to the Oculus Store. As an affected developer, you don’t need to take any action. If you feel that the category is not a the right fit for your app, feel free to contact us at [email protected] and we can change it for you. It’s worth noting your app can now take advantage of all the Oculus Store has to offer, including sales and promotions.

    The Gallery was introduced over a year ago as a way to bring more apps to market, even if they didn’t meet all of Oculus’ publishing criteria. Over time, with more content launched and people spending more time in apps, it’s become clear that Gallery designation is no longer necessary. We think it’s important to offer people a comprehensive picture of everything available to try.

    We’ve provided additional information the blog, a draft of which you can find below. Alongside the change, we’ll be introducing refreshed docs and additional information on submission best practices. Be sure to visit https://developer.oculus.com/blog/ for more.

    - The Oculus Team

    It looks like all the prayers have been answered! Congratz on Oculus team for the change :open_mouth:

  • jumblijumbli Posts: 238 Oculus Start Member
    Great news.

    Also very pleased about this bit, "we’ll be introducing refreshed docs and additional information on submission best practices.". Maybe these will help us identify where we were going wrong :)

    Together with the Oculus Start program, which includes 1-1 advice, Oculus are really helping to support new talent and smaller developers. I feel much more optimistic about my upcoming projects. Thank you, Oculus :)
    Developer of Dimensional, The Relentless, Breath Tech, Jigsaw 360
    View my dev blog at JumbliVR.com
  • pekayattpekayatt Posts: 133 Oculus Start Member
    You got any news from the Oculus Start program?

    I do believe this can help us, some hints on how to get your app featured would be amazing as well!
  • jumblijumbli Posts: 238 Oculus Start Member
    Yes, the acceptance emails have started going out for Oculus Start. The program includes the opportunity to raise 5 support tickets for help / advice from Oculus developer support, which is great. 
    Developer of Dimensional, The Relentless, Breath Tech, Jigsaw 360
    View my dev blog at JumbliVR.com
  • VR.ShacklerVR.Shackler Posts: 60 Oculus Start Member
    Wow, totally unexpected news! Sales are starting to go in the right direction now. Great decision Oculus!

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