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Is it possible to make single project for both Gear VR and Android tablet builds?

I am trying to make builds for Gear VR and tablet using the only Unity3D project. But Oculus Utilities Plugin changes project build settings to make the application running in Gear VR mode only. Even if VR mode is turned off, and OVRCameraRig is disabled.

Is it possible to build plain Android, non-Gear VR build application with the project containing Oculus Utilities Plugin?

Best Answer

  • palii90palii90 Posts: 17 Oculus Start Member
    Accepted Answer
    Remove the OVRPlugin.aar from your project. In this case the Unity will include its built in OVRPlugin (maybe not the latest version) when you build your project in VR mode. If you disable the VR mode the build will run normal in mode (the OVRPlugin excluded from the build).


  • YanaArtisYanaArtis Posts: 8
    palii90, thank you! It works :)
  • oculus_gaboroculus_gabor Posts: 40 Oculus Staff
    When doing this, the "Bundle Identifier" (Under Player Settings > Other Settings) should be different for tablet builds and GearVR builds. On the S8, games who's bundle identifiers are on the google play store often (not always) put the phone into "game mode" which has a different resolution. 
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