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OVRAvatar problem

tamer.ozturk2tamer.ozturk2 Posts: 24
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DllNotFoundException: libovravatar
OvrAvatarSDKManager.Update () (at Assets/OvrAvatar/Scripts/OvrAvatarSDKManager.cs:68)

EDIT: Version 1.20

Im getting above error.


  • tamer.ozturk2tamer.ozturk2 Posts: 24
    Brain Burst

    Do you have the oculus run time installed on your PC? Installing this will provide the above missing DLL.

    Download page for oculus runtime says obsolete, so i didnt think id need it. I will try now.
  • tamer.ozturk2tamer.ozturk2 Posts: 24
    Brain Burst

    Just to correct if i am misunderstanding the whole thing:

    Im using unity 2017.3 and developing for GearVR only, can i use OVRAvatar package on GearVR?

    If so, do i still need to download this Oculus Runtime on my work pc and if so where to download the most recent one, i read there is a 1.3 version instead of the obsolete 0.8 version?

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