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Avatar grabbers for remote users (ie networked multiuser)

pjennesspjenness Posts: 692

My app requires networked (Photon Unity) users to be able to pickup items.
At the moment I have the Avatar system working no problems. But Im wondering about the grabber API.

Looking into the grabber it seems to only be refering to OVR.input which I presume means only the local player is being considered.
Does a Grabber on a networked remote Avatar, know it is connected to that Avatar, or always consider itself tied to the local user due to the OVRinput calls? I know you can drop in the Avatar into the Grabber component, but does that actually work for a second/multi not local OVRAvatar in the scene?

Is there an api call, or override, where its easy to have any Grabber in the unity scene "Grab" the Grabbable.
I'd effectively be sending a PunRPC or other such message to make it happen.

I want to use the grabber setup so the local and network view have the same transform information post grab.


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  • edinkyedinky Posts: 15
    I am also trying to get this working. Did you manage to work anything out?
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