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Disabling "Home" button for an in-store kiosk mode.

I'm wondering about best practices for disabling "Oculus Home" functionality in my Unity app.

I'm building a Desktop PC Oculus/Touch demo app in Unity that will be deployed exclusively in-store for shoppers to try. We want our shoppers to experience only our app, and so we're trying to lock down the device in a "kiosk" mode. The app will not have to be Oculus certified, since it will not be released in the app store, and builds will be generated locally. Does anyone have advice on how to accomplish this?

Potential implementations I've considered. (Not sure about feasilbility):
  • Override the reserved "Home" button on the Touch Controllers.
  • DNS block the Oculus store, to prevent purchases.


  • beep2bleepbeep2bleep Posts: 54 Oculus Start Member
    • Override the reserved "Home" button on the Touch Controllers.
    • DNS block the Oculus store, to prevent purchases.
    One solution it to physically disable the button.  Either cut out the button or open the controller and remove the wire connecting the home button to the home button.  Another solution is to only use the touch controller without the home button.  I'm not sure if the home button connects directly from controller to the Oculus runtime if that is the case you would be unable to intercept it while using the Oculus API.  However you should still be able to intercept it if you build for open vr (usually refer to as steamVR).  I haven't tried but try intercepting the on button event for the home button and see if you can catch it while debugging.  There might be a handled flag that would keep it from going to the API even while using the Oculus API.
  • undef_devundef_dev Posts: 21
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  • AlanOTooleAlanOToole Posts: 135 Oculus Start Member
    I would look into having a sort of cover made that masks over the home button but still exposes A / B / Thumbstick. Think of it like one of those slip covers, for the touch, but hard plastic. Someone with a 3D printer could build one fairly easy if you show them the touch controller.
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