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Monitor flickers when running Google apps and headset is off

Hey Oculus support -
I'm seeing this issue where I run Tilt Brush or Blocks on Oculus Rift through Oculus Home and I see a bunch of flickering on the monitor, that does not occur inside the headset however. I'm not sure what's causing this - its been a while since these apps where updated. I'm not sure if its due to Oculus update, NVIDIA drivers (there is a known issue of running 390) or Windows Fall creators update. Anyways - is anybody else running into this problem - and does anybody know the cause of it - or does anybody who has run into this issue know of a workaround? Can someone try and boot up Blocks or Tilt Brush on Oculus and see if this issue reproduces for them, its definitely not 100%. I'm pretty much out of ideas as our team has exhausted all options it seems, so we are reaching out for assistance, thanks ! (unable to post the video of the issue occurring) 

NVIDIA driver: GeForice GTX 980 Ti (391.01) - occurs on 388, 390 and 391
Windows: Windows 10 Pro Version 1709 OS Build: 16299.248


  • tiltbrush1tiltbrush1 Posts: 2
    Cool and thanks for trying. Do you know what's causing this and are there plans to fix it? 
  • JeremySuttonJeremySutton Posts: 1
    I have the same question and wondered if there's any news on this? The monitor flickers when I am using Tilt Brush and remove my headset. The flicker doesn't occur with other apps when the headset is off.
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