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[Solved] Reloading scene every time while wearing Gear VR.

app_mechanicapp_mechanic Posts: 7
edited April 2018 in Unity Development

I want to detect whether user has removed the Gear VR from head or not. 

The video should play once user wear headsets and if the user remove the headset the video should stop or pause. 

And when he wears again, it should start from starting. 

Let me know if we can achieve this using Unity for Gear VR. 

Looking forward hearing back !

Thanks & Regards


  • app_mechanicapp_mechanic Posts: 7
    I have managed to get it worked. If anyone assistance related to similar issue, Please do let me know.
  • zsmbvzsmbv Posts: 26
    Brain Burst
    I'm interesting, I need to restart a scene, to point it always in a specific direction.
    I have a sculpture in front of me (real-life object) and when I wear GearVR I want to make sculpture alive, but it needs to be in the right direction, not offset, this is why I thinking to  use a sensor when person wearing GearVR, it's going to restart and ask for 10 sec to point straight forward, then to load a level in that direction. 
  • app_mechanicapp_mechanic Posts: 7

    Sorry for late reply, I was away for weekend, Just read your message. 

    Can we connect over Skype for a quick chat, and I will se how I can help you.

    My ID : app.mechanic

    Looking forward hearing back !
  • MrBunnisMrBunnis Posts: 1
    edited October 2018
    Hey app_mechanic I need totally the same thing as you made! So how did u do it?

  • TheSwanCollectiveTheSwanCollective Posts: 44
    Brain Burst
    @app_mechanic Hey my friend, would you mind explaing how you did it? I need this for the Oculus Go. I can pay for some coffee via paypal for your help :) Thanks in advance,

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