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Oculus Unity VR Starter Kit Released :)

EddieChristianEddieChristian Posts: 67 Oculus Start Member


The Oculus VR Starter Kit Has Been Released!! This package gives you a solid Framework to run around in your VR Environment and Interact with Objects.
I wrote this for my students in the VR classes I teach, originally. The goal was to get students past the technical stuff quickly so they could go straight to telling their stories. Now in a couple of minutes they can walk around and use objects in their environment.
Also in the past, with supplied scripts, there were problems with memory issues in Unity. By writing all the code myself, I was able to remove all these issues.
And of Course, Since this code is constantly being used in both Class and Production Environments, It will always be updated with new features.

I hope people Enjoy the kit and I look forward to seeing all the cool stuff people make with it.

More NFO Here: https://grfxman.artstation.com/projects/8830n



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