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Open Oculus Browser from Chrome


in the Carmel Browser you have the ability to start it with an "ovrweb://" link, which makes the entry for customers really easy, as its showing an explanation to them. With the Oculus Browser, this feature seems to be gone.

Is there a possibility to start the Oculus Browser from outside ?

Thanks for the answers.



  • vr-ninerianvr-ninerian Posts: 2
    Thank you @imperativity.

    Any news on this topic?
  • brianpeirisbrianpeiris Posts: 17
    +1 for an update on this, please.
  • bcoriglianobcorigliano Posts: 1
    Pretty please, enable this behavior in the future! I can't see a reason not to, and I believe broadening the ways of accessing WebVR is beneficial both for the users and for the platform itself. Besides, this behavior currently works on Carmel, and it's awesome!

    Let me add, that if you enable the ovrweb:// protocol, you should also allow pages to auto-enter vr without user interaction needed. This way, an user could easily browse the 2D web on Chrome for Android, tap on a link to enter VR, be asked to put on the GearVR, and then immediately be thrown into a WebVR experience, through Oculus Browser.

    Thanks in advance! Cheers!
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