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[SOLVED] Personalised Oculus Avatars aren't working cross platform (PC to Mobile)

viewportviewport Posts: 82
Hiro Protagonist
We're working on a Mobile to PC cross platform multiplayer VR app using Oculus Avatars.

I noticed a player's Oculus ID on a mobile VR device is different from a player's Oculus ID on a Rift, this is blocking us from using Oculus Avatars across platform.

I am able to display Personalised Oculus Avatars in Unity.
In a multiplayer scenario, I am able to send one user 1's  Oculus ID to another user 2; allowing user 2 to see user 1's personalised Oculus Avatar.
However if user 1 is on a mobile VR device while user 2 is on an Oculus Rift, each user can receiver each others Oculus ID though are unable to load the personalised avatar from that Oculus ID.

After examining the ID numbers, it seems each Oculus account has 1 ID number for PC VR and 1 for Mobile VR. In none of our tests has a mobile generated ID worked on PC or a PC generated ID worked on a mobile device.

A solution to this would be if we could get our Oculus ID of the platform we are NOT on to send to other players, is this possible?

The example user ID's given at the bottom of this page work on BOTH platforms https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/avatarsdk/latest/concepts/avatars-gsg-unity/.

    private void Awake()

    private void GetLoggedInUserCallback(Message<User> message)
            myAvatar.oculusUserID = message.Data.ID;

We are building this in Unity 2017.4.2f2 using:
- OVR PlatformSDK v1.24
- OVR Utilities v1.26
- OVR Avatars v1.26

Edit: Clarified the question


  • Ross_BeefRoss_Beef Posts: 170 Oculus Staff
    Can I confirm the apps share a app grouping? Our user IDs are app scoped, so it may be that you are trying to load the app scoped Id for UserA in App A (Rift app) but it then won’t work in AppB (Gear app). To avoid this, create an app grouping, allowing you to pull a common ID for both apps and load an avatar anywhere.

    let me know if that helps
  • viewportviewport Posts: 82
    Hiro Protagonist
    Thanks a lot Ross_Beef, I was not aware about App groupings.

    After grouping the two apps, avatars began working cross platform.
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