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Oculus GO "Not supported on your device"

rmukalianrmukalian Posts: 11
edited June 2018 in Oculus Go Development
I just uploaded a test build to an RC channel and i'm seeing "Not supported on your device" when I try to install the application in my GO.  I checked the Test Results page for the build and both the Malware Review and Additional Validation results headers have nothing below them, just empty space.  I have the GO selected as a compatible platform as well as the 3DOF remote.  I'm not using any outside services or remote API calls either.  Any suggestions on other things to try?  The other thing I can think of is that maybe i need to wait longer for the results to show?  On my builds page it shows the test status as "Complete" with a little blue dot next to it.

EDIT: I was able to view the build details and in there it shows "Supported Devices" and the GO is listed and does have a checkbox next to it.  However on the GO itself it is still saying that it is incompatible.


  • tmektmek Posts: 103
    Hiro Protagonist
    edited June 2018
    EDIT: Yes it does seem to be that you have to add your own email to the channel's users list.  I just removed mine and it went back to "Not supported on your device".

    I had this same problem I'm not sure exactly what fixed it, but I'll list what it might have been.

    #1 I added myself to the channel's email list.
    #2 I made sure there was no trace of the application on my go from development (uninstall apk and manually deleted any files that were from my project on the GO using windows explorer).
  • rmukalianrmukalian Posts: 11
    Yup that did it......so even though i was signed into my dev account on the device, it showed me the release candidate and i was the one who uploaded it, i also have to be in the tester list to install it :/

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