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Achievement popups disappearing after only one frame

nickfourtimesnickfourtimes Posts: 18
We're awarding achievements in our game using some pretty straightforward code:
All our achievements are Simple achievements, so I figured I didn't have to use AddCount() or AddFields(). In testing though, our achievement popups are only coming up for a frame or two and then disappearing (though the achievement is still registered). Should I be calling something else to have the popup stay visible longer?

I'm using Unity 2017.1 and SDK plugin 1.25.0.


  • nickfourtimesnickfourtimes Posts: 18
    Sorry for the delay, didn't see the forum notification... anyway, in the game we're simply calling this when we unlock the achievements:

    public void ReportProgress(string achievementID, double progress, Action<bool> callback) {
        var id = MapAchievementString(achievementID);

    We only have simple achievements in our game, which are fired when various conditions are met.
  • nickfourtimesnickfourtimes Posts: 18
    Oh, gotcha. We're not doing anything ourselves to display these notifications; I was assuming the model of the PS4, Steam, or Google Play, where the game simply increments/unlocks the achievement through the API, and the system pops up its own notification when that happens. If the responsibility for the notification is on the game itself, we can work something out on our end.
  • nickfourtimesnickfourtimes Posts: 18
    The "disappears after only one frame" bug was flagged by one of our testers, so I was assuming they were seeing a system notification that was disappearing, since we don't pop anything ourselves. However, testing the game on my own, I can't see any notification at all, not even for a frame, while this post and reply suggest there should be "toast" notifications.

    So just to be sure: should the Oculus system itself be showing achievement notifications? Or is that left to developers? If it's the latter, does the documentation mention that?
  • nickfourtimesnickfourtimes Posts: 18
    Sorry for the bump, but is it possible to get verification as to whether either the Oculus backend displays a "toast" notification on completion of an achievement, or whether that's left to the developer?
  • nickfourtimesnickfourtimes Posts: 18
    Alright, so if I'm updating a simple achievement as follows, the notification should ostensibly remain onscreen for a few seconds instead of disappearing right away, right @imperativity ?

    public void ReportProgress(string achievementID, double progress, Action<bool> callback) {    var id = MapAchievementString(achievementID);    Achievements.Unlock(id);

    Thanks for the continued help on this.

  • brandon6ensebrandon6ense Posts: 11
    @imperativity is there an update on this? I am not seeing any screen notifications using unreal 4.18 from the oculus github. i also am not seeing the achievements unlocked on my user pages, although the count up ticks in the dashboard. but that updates very slowly as well.
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