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After upgrading my Oculus Go project to V1.28 SDKs, the device insists on "Oculus update required."

spacefrogspacefrog Posts: 60
Hiro Protagonist
edited August 2018 in Oculus Go Development
This issue once strikes again !
Since i updated my current project to the just released, all new Oculus Unity SDK V1.28 packages ( Oculus Utilities V1.28, Platform SDK V1.28, Avatar SDK V1.28) i get the treaded Error :
"oculus update required. to learn how to update the oculus app, visit: http://support.oculus.com"

Did everything suggested:
uninstalled the Phone App, Rebooted the Oculus Go several times, uninstalled my app several times, nothing helps
Falling back to the Unity 2017.4.9F1 bundled OVR Plugin version ( V1.26.1 ) at least let my app show its UI for a second, as soon as i initialize the Oculus Platform, pops up another ( but similar looking ) erro dialog, that i need to update the phone as m the app is using some unsupported features

I seriously wonder why it is made so hard to manually trigger an update check ON THE GO ITSELF ?

GO says version is              OS Version is 27130.12430.180


  • spacefrogspacefrog Posts: 60
    Hiro Protagonist
    edited August 2018
    This is urgent:
    Even the smallest Platform SDK Demo project ( eg . VrVoiceChat sample ) using the V1.28 Unity SDK's ( Utilities V1.28, Platfom SDK V1.28 ) triggers the above mentioned "update required" error on the Oculus Go.
     But there is no update available !!!

    Please could some Oculus staff member look into this ASAP ?
    I was so happy about all the Avatar and Voice chat related fixes in V1.28, i really don't want to role back the the previous ones ....

    BTW: this is the 64GB Retail device
  • spacefrogspacefrog Posts: 60
    Hiro Protagonist
    Okay - after searching the forums for other people having this problem in the past, i left my Oculus Go powerd on but on idle for an hour or so , and seemingly this caused some OTA update . But there is/was no notification that the device did something like an update ? This is a pretty unusual behaviour in my eyes. At least something should be displayed to the user after that ....
    But now i'm happy again as the above message does'nt appear any longer when launching my app...
  • spacefrogspacefrog Posts: 60
    Hiro Protagonist
    Thanks for the update, great that you plan to improve this
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