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Detected real HMD Device type via connected UserID ?

spacefrogspacefrog Posts: 57
Hiro Protagonist
edited August 2018 in Platform SDK Development
I'm creating a shared experience using Oculus Platform SDK ( via Rooms and invites ) and Avatar SDK
Now i'm in the situation that i want to know the exact Headset type ( and features like roomscale, headtracking etc ) my connected users are using ( this is no problem of course for the local user ) Is there any Platfom API call which could do this ?
I know i could use P2P from the platform SDK to send this info accross the network, but rather would like to have such functionality integrated in the base platform SDK. IMHO This seems like a good canditate for some general, powerful API call that would report all relevant ( non-privacy sensitive)  data about the connected user's equipment ? What do other people think about such a suggestion ( in case it isn't possible already and i simply missed to find it )


  • spacefrogspacefrog Posts: 57
    Hiro Protagonist
    Thanks, I'll add a use case here:
    as i create a shared experience and have Avatars shown from all possible devices including their controller model, this brings up the problem that the controller model loaded by the avatar SDK does not resemble the actual device type of the GUEST ( which it should imho) but the device type of the local user. So avatars from users running on the Gear visiting my room while i'm running the app on the rift, will still show a touch controller, and not the Gear controller ( or GO etc ). So to correct this i would need the hardware type info from the visitor.
    An alternative would be that the Avatar SDK loads the visitors controller model correctly (or me using a custom complete neutral controller , but that would be uncool IMHO )....
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