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Oculus Avatars in Unity - Poor performance

viewportviewport Posts: 82
Hiro Protagonist
We're working on a 21 player app in Unity 2018.2.4f1. We've implemented Oculus Avatar SDK 1.26.
The Avatar's performance however made the app's frame rate unbearable with more than four in one multiplayer room while running on an Oculus Go.
Upon inspection the Avatar SDK scripts inside Unity are poorly optimised.

Has anyone had any successful experiences implementing Oculus Avatars?


  • spacefrogspacefrog Posts: 60
    Hiro Protagonist
    It's explicitly stated in the docs that 4 is the recommended maximum numbers of avatars active at the same time on mobile VR ( Gear / Go ). If you want to go beyond that number limit, maybe you could implement some kind of proximity sensing to only activate/animate the avatars nearest to the current player / user ...
  • Ross_BeefRoss_Beef Posts: 170 Oculus Staff
    @viewport - it would be really helpful to understand where you’re running into limits: CPU, GPU or bandwidth.

    my assumption is that you’re building a cloud audio mixing solution, as handling 21 audio streams on a Go would, I imagine, be a significant blocker.

    if you’re vert bound, have you investigated the lower level of detail avatar? It uses c. 500 Verts instead of c. 3.5k and has 256x256 textures instead of 1k. It’s posisble to choose a lower level LOD for far away avatars, even downsample the update data, to minimize their cost.

    Would love to know more and find out how we can help.
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