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[Integration Issue] Unity 2017.2 and Android Spatializer issue

petergiokarispetergiokaris Posts: 170 Oculus Staff
edited December 2018 in Audio SDK Development

We have confirmed with Unity that the Android version of our spatializer does not properly register in Unity versions 2017.2 and above. Unity has found the issue and will be fixing it in the next public release.

We will message you when the release is out.

Peter Giokaris
Senior Software Engineer


  • Etienne3kEtienne3k Posts: 1

    Is this announcement still valid?
  • petergiokarispetergiokaris Posts: 170 Oculus Staff
    Hi Etienne,

    Here are the different versions of Unity 2017+ along with the dates in which the fixes went out:

    2018.1 beta 6 (fix released)

    2017.3.1 patch 1 (fix released Feb. 14th)

    2017.2.1 patch 4 (fix released Feb. 12th)

    2017.1.3 patch 2 (not released yet, will be out in next patch)

    Please let us know if you have any issues with any of the above versions.


    Peter Giokaris
    Senior Software Engineer
  • noemisnoemis Posts: 33
    Brain Burst
    hey there,
    as described here I also have problems with spatial audio. "Unable to find libAudioPluginOculusSpatializer" is in the adb log (Go and Gear) using Unity 2017.4.2 - can you confirm, that there is a problem with my Unity version too and maybe the same as described here?

    I just wonder, why Unity seem to have to fix it in nearly every version... is there nobody at Unity / Oculus testing a new version with a project with basic features (like spatial audio)?

    Which version would you currently recommend for stable Oculus mobile development? In general I would love something like a certificate for the current best unity version from a person, who tested it deep enough to find obvious bugs...

    best regards
  • mansi1209mansi1209 Posts: 1
    Which version would you recommend for oculus android development without having this type of issue or else  i can hire android developer for using oculus development.
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