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What are the optimal settings for 360 video on the GO?

rgholmrgholm Posts: 8
Hi all, 

I am trying to find the optimal encoding settings for 360 videos on the Oculus GO. The raw footage is 60fps (technically 59.97fps) at 8k. I'd like to play it in the HMD at the HIGHEST resolution and frame rate possible. My current tests and results. NOTE: This video contains lots of movement! 
  • H.264 4096x2048 at 59.97 at 60mbps = Dropping frames and artifacting 
  • H.264 4096x2048 at 59.97 at 40mbps = Dropping frames and artifacting 
  • H.264 4096x2048 at 29.97 at 40mbps = Best results, but we are still getting a lot of artifacting.
  • H.264 4096x2048 at 29.97 at 60mbps  = No real difference to the above 
  • H.264 4096x2048 at 29.97 at 25mbps  = Artifacting is worse. 
Any ideas? 


  • rgholmrgholm Posts: 8
    edited October 2018
    Great, thank you!

    One more for yah!...All the documentation recommends '30fps' and/or '60fps'. The North American Standard (and the actual frames rates most camera shoot on this side of the globe) are actually 29.97fps and 59.94fps. Can you help clarify? 
  • Flavadave339Flavadave339 Posts: 2
    Can Oculus please provide us with FULLY DETAILED encoding settings for playback through Oculus Gallery?  It's beyond frustrating how limited the information is.  For instance, what are the suggested encoding settings for 360 3D 60FPS footage?  I've searched for over a week with no luck.  Just lots of trial and error... The best I've achieved for the above footage is 3200x3200 60FPS with 60Mbps.  It looks awful and stutters.  I have no idea what the recommended encoding profile or level is either.   Please more info! 
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