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Avatar SDK support in Unreal? (Two queries)

aussieburgerVRaussieburgerVR Posts: 244 Oculus Start Member
edited January 2018 in Unreal Development
I have two queries regarding Avatar SDK support in Unreal:

I noticed Unity already has Avatar support for gearvr: https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/avatarsdk/latest/concepts/avatars-gsg-unity-gearvr/
However I don't see a corresponding option for Unreal in the documentation :( Is it planned? If so if there a rough ETA?

When will Blueprint support will be added for Rift Avatars?: https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/avatarsdk/latest/concepts/avatars-gsg-unreal/
"Note: Oculus Avatars for UE are for C++ projects. A blueprints version is not available at this time."  :(


  • aussieburgerVRaussieburgerVR Posts: 244 Oculus Start Member
    @imperativity thankyou for the answer. Could you also give the reason? Is it too few Unreal developers (so low prio) or more for performance reasons on the gearvr?
  • Three65Three65 Posts: 9
    Yes its quite sad the Oculus isn't making a better effort to support the newer versions of Unreal, yet they are releasing new Avatars for Unity. This is hurting development for the Oculus in my honest opinion.  
  • xN31xN31 Posts: 25
    Brain Burst
    Agree. Please, a little more support for Unreal devs too. No surprise avatars are used only in few experiences if integrating and replicating them is so poorly supported. 
  • NeontopNeontop Posts: 231 Oculus Start Member

    USkeletalMesh in UE4.19

    Proteus is Trying to bring the avatars in his free plugins for UE4, but he is having a serious problem with the new USKeletalMesh version.
    If somebody want to help him follow the link below.


  • beaulima9933beaulima9933 Posts: 50 Oculus Start Member
    Yes! It's me, Proteus. Will give another try this week, by re-examining all functions, one after another, and pinpoint what's going on. Avatars were working fine in 4.18; If only Epic didn't messed with USkeletalMesh in 4.19...
  • NeontopNeontop Posts: 231 Oculus Start Member
    @beaulima9933 I Wish you all the best to bring the avatars inside 4.19 and I hope that the Oculus Dev can help you on that matter. 
    Thanks for you time. :)

  • vrdavebvrdaveb Posts: 1,596 Oculus Staff
    Hopefully you found the UE4 Avatars beta we shipped a year ago: https://developer.oculus.com/downloads/package/oculus-avatar-sdk-unreal-beta. UE4 is a high priority for us, but we haven't had a chance to develop as many samples or as much documentation for it yet. That's in-progress. We do keep up with the latest development in UE4 and you can always find our support for the latest released version at https://github.com/Oculus-VR/UnrealEngine.
  • beaulima9933beaulima9933 Posts: 50 Oculus Start Member
    Ok guys let's nail it. Cross-post with Unreal forums
    Discussion on 4.19 problem found at https://forums.unrealengine.com/development-discussion/c-gameplay-programming/1446998-what-happened-to-uskeletalmesh-in-ue-4-19 

    4.19 version compared with 4.18 version:

    First problem: runtime; Avatar is displayed but only neutral material is applied
    1)Material for Body_0, Alpha Texture wrong ID; only one layer instead of 5
    2)Material for Body_1, Alpha Texture wrong ID; only one layer instead of 5
    3)Material for Body_3 absent
    4)Material for hand_left_0 and hand_right_0 Alpha Texture wrong, baseMaskType and MaskType None instead of FRESNEL, only one layer instead of 5

    Second problem: editor; Crashes for Array index out of bounds: 0 from an array of size 0, at LoadMesh

    Avatars for 4.18 (working) found at https://github.com/ProteusVRpublic/Avatars18
    Avatars for 4.19 (with above problems) found at https://github.com/ProteusVRpublic/Avatars19
    Avatars for 4.19, Oculus github version, commit 8f6e68f (with same above problems) found at https://github.com/ProteusVRpublic/Avatars19_Oculus
    To save time, packaged build of each version found at https://1drv.ms/f/s!Av77lIIxt2OYg-0j0owbubS5mScXYQ

    Any breakthrough is welcome!
  • NeontopNeontop Posts: 231 Oculus Start Member
    @vrdaveb is it possible to provide a tip so we can take advantage of the free plugin of @beaulima9933 .
    Will be nice to make a fresh start with the Oculus Avatars.

  • MrComfortMrComfort Posts: 30
    Brain Burst
    A sample project with working matchmaking, avatars and other Platform SDK features for UE 4.20 would be amazing. And maybe even with blueprints;)
  • JohnSahharJohnSahhar Posts: 6 Oculus Start Member

    There is no current ETA for an Unreal Avatars release at this time. Sorry about that!
    This sucks!
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