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[Help Needed] UE4 Rift RoomScale Controller Rotation

Hello, I have been designing a game for awhile now and its looking pretty cool but currently I've had to stop working on it due to Character Pawn issues. I am trying to get the pawn to rotate from where I am standing in room scale but no matter what I try it seems to always rotate from the VROrigin instead of the pawn location.
I started a whole new project just to mess around with the pawn in the hope of getting it to work correctly.

Below are some images of how I am moving the Pawn. I have collision set up nicely and the collision follows me when I walk about in room scale using an offset but for the life of me my pawn wont rotate from my roomscale location (If that makes sense) Any help would be amazing.

I have also included the project files for the pawn If anybody would be willing to take a look. Download



  • dzrealkillerdzrealkiller Posts: 4
    edited November 2018
    Well I now have the rotation working... However Im now faced with another issue kinda connected.. I have a collision box that follows me around perfectly in Roomscale BUT there is an issue, When I first spawn and lean or move its correct but after I rotate my player the collision offset continue to move in the direction it was before instead of rotating with me.. 

    Ok to show how I mean I will go draw something :smile:
    (Maybe Not the best Image in the world)

    I Believe the Code below is the issue as that deals with the location of the Collision but no matter what I try here It never seems to actually rotate...

    Any Help would be great I've been stuck for some time now and have asked all over the place but nobody ever replies... It literally feels like I'm the only person left using the internet...
  • dzrealkillerdzrealkiller Posts: 4
    Here Is a video showing the problem. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OoW-tEbUb48 If anybody knows how to fix please let me know :S
  • dzrealkillerdzrealkiller Posts: 4
    Im using Epics Launcher Version 4.21 and it does the same thing on other versions. It just seems the coding is wrong somewhere or a bit missing but for the life of me i cant figure out where i've ben bashing my head for a while so I needed some fresh eyes to browse over things. I really wish there was a better VR template from Epic with roomscale Tracking and collision in mind.
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