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Disable Oculus VR Plugin for Samsung Mobile Devices

Curently I am working on Oculus Go app with mobile device companion. I build both VR and companion app from same project. Companion app is working with any other mobile devices. But when I try to use it with a Samsung Device, VR plugin starts automatically and asks for Gear VR. How can I disable Oculus VR Plugin so that Samsung devices can start app as a mobile app not as a VR?


  • spacefrogspacefrog Posts: 55
    Hiro Protagonist
    edited December 2018
    Had the same problem (talking about Unity here - no clue how this works on Unreal ):
    As soon as you have the Oculus Utilities installed and build to Android, even if you disable VR in the buildsettings and run the build on an Samsung device ( guess only when the samsung  has the Gear VR stuff installed) it triggers VR mode on the samsung. Running the same build on any other - non samsung android device works though

    The solution that works for me is:

    * Disable "Use required Project settings" in the Tools->Oculus" menu, otherwise VR mode always would get reenabled ( i hate that setting anyways, it constantly messes with build settings in the background )
    * Select "Disable Oculus Utilties Plugin" in the same tools menu: this switches back to the Unity integrated Oculus plugin , this might be an little bit older version but respects the Non-VR setting on Samsung devices...
    * Of course, disable VR Supported in Unity's Android playersettings ....

    Now your Android builds should'nt request the Gear VR headset on the samsungs ...
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