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How to use Rooms.LaunchInvitableUserFlow(roomID) with Unity

Hi, I have read this and I tried to follow this article.

But Rooms.LaunchInvitableUserFlow() dose not work well...

So, I want to know how to use this method.

↓ I tried this in Unity Editor, Build Apps with OculusRift.
Entitlement check is success, I added test user. 
Test user and my account are friends.
In document, 
> The invite interface will be opened where the user may find and invite users to the room.
but nothing happens.

// LaunchInvitableUserFlowCallback
void LaunchInvitableUserFlowCallback(Message msg)
        if (msg.IsError)
        Debug.Log("Success");  // This log appear.
In callback, I see the message by debugger.
In message, IsError = false, type = Room_LaunchInvitableUserFlow..


  • spacefrogspacefrog Posts: 50
    Hiro Protagonist
    edited December 2018
    As far i remember my experience when testing this, the call ( Rooms.LaunchInvitableUserFlow ...) does not work in the unity editor. You have to actually build the app and you'll see your app switching over to the Oculus UI and the user invite dialog displayed
  • yuma1217yuma1217 Posts: 3
    Thank you spacefrog!!
    spacefrog said:
    the call ( Rooms.LaunchInvitableUserFlow ...) does not work in the unity editor. 
    You have to actually build the app.
    Actually, I builded Apps for OculusRift,,, but I will try it again! Thank you!
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