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Avatars mouth movement

Hello, i am having trouble getting the avatars mouths to move. I have the following code.  Enable Mouth Vertex Animations is also enabled on the avatar. Also, i am using Photon Voice for this.

private void Update() {           
if (this._voipAudioSource.clip == null) {

this._currentUpdateTime += Time.deltaTime;
if (this._currentUpdateTime >= this._updateStep) {
this._currentUpdateTime = 0f;
this._voipAudioSource.timeSamples); //I read 1024 samples, which is about 80 ms on a 44khz stereo clip, beginning at the current sample position of the clip.
this._clipLoudness = 0f;
foreach (var sample in this._clipSampleData) {
this._clipLoudness += Mathf.Abs(sample);

this._clipLoudness /= this._sampleDataLength; //clipLoudness is what you are looking for
DebugHelper.Log("Loudness: " + this._clipLoudness * VOIP_SCALE);
if (this._ovrAvatar != null) {
this._ovrAvatar.VoiceAmplitude = Mathf.Clamp(this._clipLoudness * VOIP_SCALE, 0f, 1f);
} private void OnAudioFilterRead(float[] data, int channels) {


  • DigibixDigibix Posts: 19 Oculus Start Member
    The avatar mouth movement currently works only on Android....
  • treeviewstudiostreeviewstudios Posts: 39
    Brain Burst
    digibix said:
    The avatar mouth movement currently works only on Android....
    Any idea when its going to be on PC?, no way to force it right?
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