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Minecraft VR Touch Controls

phamtrinliphamtrinli Posts: 1
Despite the somewhat mixed reviews I've heard I am enjoying Minecraft Win 10 Edition on the Oculus...  The biggest problem I have is the Left Analog Button being assigned to Immersive/Couch mode. I find myself flinching and accidentally pressing the button and then being unable to move for the next several seconds. 

Has anyone discovered away to modify key bindings for this? Damn Microsoft and their inability to communicate things, or provide a responsive customer support base not to mention their obfuscation of simple settings.


  • Spirit-of-edenSpirit-of-eden Posts: 1
    Up ! I have the same problem here. Minecraft is great with Touch but accidentally pressing the left analog button at the wrong moment (in combat for example) mean death and ruining my fun.

    Any solution to disable this option or change the Touch key map is welcome.
  • RSpynoRSpyno Posts: 1
    This type of stuff NEEDS TO BE FIXED
    I am just now getting into the game and I find it EXTREMELY UNBEARABLE to play with this perspective mode an option. Please, I just wish the option to disable this or edit the touch controller's mapping would be available. I really want to play this game but its simply annoying playing with this feature.
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