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[FIX] Avatar body mesh not appearing/loading in Unity Oculus GO.

I have been fighting with a bug on the Oculus GO where the the body of the avatar was not loading, it threw many errors related to OpenGL and Textures.

If anyone has this bug, what i did to fix it was force it to not combine meshes editing the OvrAvatar.cs class.

Also set the textures in Avatar/Content/Textures to
1) Read/Write enabled
2) Generate MipMaps
3) Border MipMaps

If anyone has it please comment so we know its not a project specific.


  • treeviewstudiostreeviewstudios Posts: 39
    Brain Burst

    and use this OvrAvatar 
    CombineMeshes breaks avatars.
  • panayot.cankovpanayot.cankov Posts: 7
    Same here. The workaround you've provided fixed the issues at our side. Please note we are using Unity 2018.3.0f2  while the Oculus Integration explicitly states:

    Due to an incompatibility with the Oculus Integration and all Unity 2018.3.x versions, we do not recommend upgrading to any 2018.3.x Unity Editor version.

    Maybe it is something related to changes in the new Unity version, it would be nice if we get Oculus Integration working with the new Unity version we need that new prefabs workflow.

  • treeviewstudiostreeviewstudios Posts: 39
    Brain Burst
    @panayot.cankov  +1 happiness for helping someone on the forum :)

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