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Is there a way to disable Oculus Home autostarting?

jashanjashan Posts: 29
Brain Burst
During development, whenever I put on the HMD for testing, first I get an "empty compositor" that only shows the Oculus dashboard with Explore, Library, Store, Social and so forth. This also has "Home" and "Desktop" - so if I want to enter Home, I could simply click "Home". But I actually almost never want to start up home.

Unfortunately, after a brief moment (probably a loading time), "Home" opens up.

Is there a way to disable this, so "Home" only opens up when I click "Home" on the dashboard?

I wouldn't mind completely getting rid of Home if that's easier - but just not automatically loading it would be fine.


  • WebMetalReeseWebMetalReese Posts: 31
    Brain Burst
    I also wish to do the same thing as home is very taxing on my system resources. 
    AMD Ryzen 7 2700X
    AMD Vega 56 8GB 
    T-Delta 3000Mhz (32GB)
    Asus Strix B 450-F Gaming
    Samsung Evo 860 1 TB
    All that hardware and Home still sets my Video quality to "low" 

  • BuwubiBuwubi Posts: 11 Oculus Start Member
    I agree it is very frustrating for development, also because Home often clashes with the app I'm actually trying to run lel.

    There's no actual "clean" way of disabling it, altho I get why they do it. I mean competing with Steam, a household name, so they just auto boot it every time, cause reactionary-wise ppl are more likely to just open Steam and get stuff from there. But yeah, would be nice to be able to turn it off, at the very least as a developer.
  • coldTcoldT Posts: 2
    Trying my hardest to agree with disabling auto-start of Oculus home without writing in all caps.

    Yes, please. Oculus Home is resource-heavy and the long duration of its reboot is a productivity killer when trying to iterate on development.

    It’s like if every time you refreshed your browser during web development, you first had to wait for YouTube.com to load every thumbnail. In theory, it shouldn’t be that bad, but it adds up.

    As a consumer, I’m annoyed too, but that’s a whole different topic...
  • haskinshaskins Posts: 38 Oculus Start Member
    A ' developer mode ' for the Home app would be great. 
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