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Quest Developer Policy

CogSimGuyCogSimGuy Posts: 34
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edited February 2019 in General Development
As a non-entertainment developer I was hoping to get some clarification on Quest policy in the wake of the article released yesterday on Road to VR and UploadVR. Don't want to assume or misinterpret so simply looking for some clarity as we are highly anticipating the release of Quest and expect it to be a real game changer for business applications such as ours due to the freedom and mobility it will offer. I suspect this will be very similar to medical and educational type applications currently leveraging the unique capabilities of the Rift.

Specifically I would like to get some clarity on how software which we currently use the sideloading on Rift for will be affected. As we don't anticipate our style of application ever being distributed via the Oculus store I would like to know if there will be an impact. We are currently looking at adapting parts of the Platform SDK specifically to support the Avatar SDK.

Any clarity and/or insight would be greatly appreciated. 


  • beep2bleepbeep2bleep Posts: 49 Oculus Start Member
    You can sideload just like on the Go.  That's how you'll be deploying to the Quest.  If you're used to just running your own stuff on Rift PCs you'll have a bit of research to do, but shouldn't be hard.
  • CogSimGuyCogSimGuy Posts: 34
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    Great thanks
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