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Mobile - Go/GearVR: how to remove ambient lighting on Avatars

Metal_MultiballMetal_Multiball Posts: 167
In Unity, I am trying to light an Avatar with dynamic lights, on mobile - Go/GearVR.
On the Rift, it works as expected.
On the Go, the Avatar looks fully lit, as if using an unlit material.

Are there settings in Unity to allow dynamic lighting on mobile avatars, or is this by design?



  • bkjbkj Posts: 159 Oculus Start Member
    edited March 2019
    point lights are a big no no, but you can try with a directional (max 3)
  • Metal_MultiballMetal_Multiball Posts: 167
    edited March 2019
    Thanks @bkj, mobile dynamic lighting on Avatar = directional lights only.

    The goal now is to remove the ambient lighting from the Avatar as it's currently flat lit, plus additive dynamic directional light.
    Where is this ambient lighting coming from and how do I remove or adjust it?

    I have tried using light probes, removing baked lighting and adjusting the OVR Avatar Material Manager (script) with no results.

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