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Application approved for keys only

popprpoppr Posts: 1

We've recently uploaded a build of our app to be uploaded on the store; To our surprise this was approved for keys only.
While I understand Oculus does not want their platform to be full with B2B apps made for clients, this one is targeted towards consumers who want to see what their vacation home would look like.

Is there anything that can be done about this? Feedback what's wrong? We've seen plenty more apps on the store that offer 360 photos/videos that are publicly available on the store.
App is called Village Nature Center Parcs

Kind regards


  • GVRemoteGVRemote Posts: 6
    Feedback doesn't come from Oculus. They stiff you on that front. There is probably some logic behind their actions, but it still means you're typically left stranded for understanding why. I've been working with someone for the past several months who is familiar with User Experience and is a game designer and he's been helping tweak a lot of things to optimize the game itself, but even now I'm in the same boat - just hoping that one day I'll be worthy of approval.
  • JacksonGordonJacksonGordon Posts: 138
    If you have a build that you could submit for the Rift you might get more specific feedback.  I think due to the sheer volume of submissions for Go (mobile devices), they don't provide specifics, and also the bar is constantly going up for what makes it to the store.  When we submitted for the Rift, we got very specific feedback much quicker.  You might be able to use feedback from a Rift submission to fix whatever issues are preventing it from passing the store standards for Go.  Although once you get keys only it is very hard to get a full release from my experience, and what I've heard.  Not the best news but hopefully that was somewhat helpful.
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