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Oculus Go Test Showing Black

DeditionisDeditionis Posts: 2
Hello, I am trying to use an Oculus Go with Unity and I cannot seem to get the test files located in the core packages (I've not modified it). For reference, I followed this guide. When I load into the GearVRControllerTest apk in the Oculus Go's Library > Unknown Sources menu, the resulting screen is black. Any ideas as to why I am not receiving any output inside of the app?

Unity Version 2017.4.0f1
Oculus SDK: I'm not sure? I downloaded it Febuary 25, 2019 but I can't seem to find the version number anywhere.

Thank you in advance.


  • JacksonGordonJacksonGordon Posts: 138
    Did you double check to make sure you put it in developer mode?  Often times this bug will occur if it's not set to developer mode.
  • DeditionisDeditionis Posts: 2
    It's been in developer mode. I turned it off and back on again, to no avail.
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